Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 3

Today, Day 3, we each took out a group of trainees on a scavenger hunt using GPS equipment. The location was a golf course that just happened to be within walking distance of the hotel. It was both stressful and fun. My group did the worst, only finding 3 of the 6 clues, so they were less happy about it all, but still learned a lot and enjoyed it somewhat. We all got a lot of exercise, which was nice, and glimpses of the beautiful uppermost part of the Nile River . One Ugandan trainee said to me, “How beautiful this is! I have never seen this beauty before. I am from Uganda but this is my first time here at the Nile .” Good thing we haven’t kept them totally cooped up in the hotel.

The training team is getting along fine, though I sure do miss Sonia, who was the leader for the first two regional workshops and is taking a break this time. She has a good, positive attitude and that feminine side. (All my fellow trainers are men – two Americans, one Frenchman, one Kenyan, and one Serbian.)

Oops, past my bedtime and tomorrow's another big day. I hope all’s well with you.


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