Monday, October 22, 2007

Work, work, work

I am totally wrapped up in this intense training workshop of the members of the Africa Emergency Response Team. While I had one day at the beginning to explore Kampala and get to know a bit about Uganda, now all of my focus is within the hotel compound in Jinja (the town at the "official" Source of the Nile) and with the 32 other participants and trainers. However, from the main training room and my hotel room nearby I have a high-up, gorgeous view of the finger of Lake Victoria that turns into the Nile River . The birds, the boats, the water, and the changing light and color are magnificent. We were speculating that those far-off bumps in the water were hippos, but we have yet to confirm that. (We later confirmed they were not hippos, but floating clods of dirt.)

There sure are a lot of missionaries here, also using this hotel facility. I am reminded that the missionaries around the world have historically given some preference to locations where the climate is less hot and humid (we are at 1, 200 meters above sea level) and the countryside more appealing. I’m also remembering that Hudson has a sister city in Uganda and has recently begun doing exchange visits. I can see why those visits are popular.


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