Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 5, wigs, and the Nile

In answer to Ellen's question, yup, I've been wearing a lot of wigs. I didn't mind them much until Michael, a fellow trainer, said something about all our head sweat making the wigs foul by this third training workshop...

I’ve just reviewed the workshop evaluations and they are quite positive, except for complaints about the power cuts, which we trainers also did not appreciate (it also meant lack of Internet access). This Africa team was stellar compared to the other two. Part of it, we realized, is that we were better at coaching them.

My soul is doing well. My body is tired (despite getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night), but I feel really good about this work. Still, I am happy to have 3 workshops down and just 1 to go. I am definitely feeling middle-aged among these emergency responders, though the average age of the trainers is not much younger than mine. I see more and more how global warming and the “War on Terrorism” are creating the need for these Africans, Latin Americans, and Asians to have greater capacity to respond to emergencies. I am glad to do my part.

The Nile pouring out of Lake Victoria was something to stare at for hours on end, as explorer Speke did in the 1800's. The ride back to Kampala was interesting, but the scenery went by too fast until we got to more boring Kampala, and then we were quickly tired of sitting in the Friday evening traffic...

I'm off to the airport tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. and looking forward to being home again.


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