Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 1: Earthquake!

On Tuesday, we sent all participants the background on the emergency that we're using for the emergency simulation in this workshop. They were asked to read, as they traveled to Jordan, all about the made-up country of Nooristan, which we located between Turkey and Syria, with borders also with Iran and Iraq. We sent them preliminary reports on the massive destruction caused by a made-up earthquake that hit the country on November 29th. We asked that they review all the materials carefully in preparation for landing on the ground and getting right to work.

Imagine our surprise when during our opening sessions of the workshop, we all felt the ground shake - a real earthquake. We couldn't have planned it better!

Check out the news story at-Spee

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Crystal said...

Ha ha "Noor-istan"! Depending on which language and dialect, it might mean Sea-land. Maybe Atlantis or one of those oil-rig-turned-residences?